Weed Lube Will Get You Laid While Getting Your Junk High

In case you haven’t been weirded out by the most recent sex news – we’re still having nightmares about those lifelike dolls with 11-inch dongs – Foria is here to clear your mind, get you stoned, and make you a decent lay (hopefully).
Foria cannibas lube is a sexual lubricant made from “all natural liquid coconut oil (MCT) and purified pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oil,” according to their site. Basically you spray a few squirts onto your partner’s goods, and she’ll be good to go for a while.
According to their site:

“Some women have experienced feelings of enhanced warmth, increased blood flow, tingling, and relaxation.  Others have found it easier to reach orgasm or to have multiple orgasms, or that their climaxes are longer and/or more intense.  For other women it has helped with relaxation and sleeping.”

Sounds like a pretty solid plan. Writer Ashley Hoffman from Stylite seemed to agree, after testing out the lube firsthand:

“As soon as the licking started, it hit me. There are the drugs. It was an all-over buzzy tingly feeling that spreads the pleasure much further than wherever you’re being directly stimulated. It pulsated like there was a delicate vibrator inside of me, but better. Cloudier. I hadn’t felt anything like it before, and I’ve had my share of sex after some hits from a J.”

While the product is mostly intended for women, dudes can also reap some benefits by spraying it on their shafts. Lessened effects have been found, but we guess that’s better than nothing.

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