WWE Slams Hulk Hogan, Scrubs Him From Site

WWE has killed Hulk Hogan from their website after rumors of racist audio featuring the bandana-loving sausage man surfaced early Friday.
Hulkamania fans awoke Friday morning to find their favorite wrestler completely MIA from the WWE site. Some even took notice:

Brandon – why were you checking his page to begin with?
Anyway, the audio in question is allegedly an explanation from Hogan on his use of the N-word:


According to Independent,

The audio clip, which has not been verified, is reportedly taken from an interview Hogan did in 2012 with DJ Whoo Kid. In it, Hogan is questioned about his famous use of the word “brother”  and whether he has ever used the word n****r to greet people. 

Hulk reportedly responded with a reference to the notorious video of Booker T calling Hogan a n****r during a promotional segment for their fight, saying: “Every time I pull up YouTube there’s that famous thing with Booker T and his brother is there and they’re all talking trash, and Booker T says, ‘I’m coming for ya Hogan, you n****r’—and not ‘n***a,’ he goes ‘n****r.

“And it’s still so cool, because the whole time I was down in Miami when I lived there, you know, everybody—I’d walk into the [DJ] booth and all of a sudden I’d bump into this guy and The Game’s in the booth, it’s all black and he’s got his BlackBerry, and I bump into him and he goes, ‘What’s up, n***a?’ and I said, ‘Oh, excuse me, bro!’ And he says, ‘No, it’s all cool,’” said Hogan.

He continued: “And everybody down there—Lil Wayne, Birdman—they’re all calling me ‘n***a,’ and then I started sayin’ it. And I always said it, but now all of a sudden I get heat when I say it, and they say, ‘Hogan, you can’t say that,’ so I say, ‘Why can they say it to me then?’”

Yikes. After his amateur adult tape, you’d think Hulk would’ve learned what he should and shouldn’t do in front of a camera.
Sadly this isn’t the worst of it; there’s a second audio of the wrestler using racial slurs on the verge of exposure, which caused WWE to take action against him.
While Hogan has yet to directly address what the hell is going on, he did post this ambiguous tweet:
Yeah, sure, whatever. Good luck, brother!

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