2015 NASA Announcement: Highlights, Details & Facts

The SETI Institute and NASA have confirmed the discovery of Kepler 452b, the first planet the team has discovered that most resembles Earth.
Located in the Goldilocks zone of its host star, the planet reportedly has near perfect conditions to support liquid water and even life.
To get through this quickly in colloquial terms, here’s everything you need to know from the NASA 2015 Announcement:
-Kepler 452b is the latest discovery and it’s incredibly similar to Earth, however, it is 1,400 light years away.
-Currently, there is no evidence of life there: “Signs of life require advanced technology and instruments that would probably have to be in orbit. What Kepler’s doing is telling us that there are worlds out there, and then we can follow up and look for bio-signatures for signs of life with other tools.” – Jon Jenkins
-Kepler 452b is twice the mass of Earth.
-It would take several decades for a camera to reach the planet’s surface.
-We probably won’t be traveling to these newly inhabitable planets, but the probability that your grandchildren will is definitely possible: “You and I probably won’t be travelling to these planets – but our children’s children’s children could be. This gives us something to aim for. One generation from now we might be able to get there. It gives humanity something to aim for.”
-There are now a total of 12 planets that have potentially inhabitable conditions.
Start pinching pennies and get yourself to space!

Sigma Nu Fraternity House: Washington State University
Sigma Nu Fraternity House: Washington State University
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