Fresno Grizzlies Will Become Fresno Tacos For A Day

Fresno Tacos

There are plenty of promotions that happen around minor league baseball to keep the fans involved. The Fresno Grizzlies however have come up with a promotion that is so epic and wonderful that every team should do it sometime. The Grizzlies will become the Fresno Tacos for a day on August 6 for Taco Truck Throwdown 5.

The Grizzlies are part of the Houston Astros organization and will have a full uniform change to go with the promotion as well. There are so many ways to take this. Are fans going to chant “Let’s Go Tacos”? Are they going to eat more tacos now than the 27,000 that were eaten last year because the team is named that?

The team is even selling the Tacos hats. What smart person wouldn’t want a hat with a taco on it as their baseball cap? There are going to be fans that just go to Fresno that day for the hat and the story of the day they saw the Tacos play baseball. Hopefully it is a beautiful day in Fresno that night so the tacos don’t get soggy and the fans can crunch their way to victory.

Buy the Fresno Tacos hat here


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