Bloxers Will Hide Your Embarrassing Woody From Those (Literally) Closest to You

Thanks to these two dudes who are dedicated to your genitals’ contentment, you’ll never have to tame your inappropriate boners again. Weird, but also kind of genius.
A new Indiegogo campaign has launched for Bloxers, the innovative men’s underwear line that vows to keep dudes contained when they experience extreme happiness… in their nether regions. Each pair has a deflector shield to conceal the unwanted (or wanted?) boner. According to the Bloxers info page, the whole system is relatively simple:

Each pair is made using all cotton boxers and a hypoallergenic stretch fabric sewn along the inseam and at intervals around the leg. This fabric, dubbed the ‘deflector shield’ covers your crotch inits entirety and allows you to grow but at a controlled pace while deflecting you to your chosen side. 

WTF?! What is this, specifically designed for sexual predators?!
Anyway, each pair looks a little something like this:
Could you imagine sweating in those things? It can’t be pleasant.
Bloxers hopes to make $20,000 but is currently only at $535 after 23 days. But who knows, once this thing starts rolling the money could come pouring in.
And plus, 25 percent of their profits will go to prostate cancer research, so at least your inappropriate boner is philanthropic.


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