10 Things We Learned From College Movies

We’re counting down the days until back to school sales commence and everyone’s getting ripped off at the bookstore. It’s the little things, you know?
To prep for your return to campus, we’re recounting the top ten lessons learned from college movies. From Old School to Van Wilder, we learned so much before we even got that acceptance letter in our hands. Thank you Will Ferrell.
Get nostalgic and start planning your trip back with our favorite wise words below.

1. If there’s ever a toga party, go. – Animal House

2. You can totally get Blake Lively if you try hard enough – no matter how awful you are. – Accepted
3. If you do dropout, no sweat – you can still be a millionaire.* – The Social Network

*Um, a million f*cking dollars Justin Timberlake, you douche. That’s what’s cool.
4. If your grades aren’t good enough to get you into the school of your dreams, just make sure you’re insanely hot. – Legally Blonde
Reese Witherspoon
5. If you do make a sex tape, make sure you don’t send it to the wrong person. Things can go really, really wrong if you do. – Road Trip
Road  Trip
6. Forget your penis cream. – American Pie 2
American Pie 2
7. There are way worse things than being a Super Senior. – Van Wilder
Van Wilder
8. Ivy Leagues aren’t always the sh*t and adding ‘apples’ to any insult will make it stronger. – Good Will Hunting
Good Will Hunting
9. Always go the the acapella girls – they get weird. – Pitch Perfect
Pitch Perfect
10. The rest of your life will probably be a letdown (a hyperbolic statement, but whatever), so when you’re at school, live it up and don’t take it for granted. – Old School

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