WATCH: US Marshall Caught Smooshing On Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse

A US Marshall was busted having sex with a woman on the rooftop of the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. An unidentified witness recorded the act and then chose to send it to news outlets, rather than the police or FBI even though she called it “security breach.” Right…
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I’ve got bad news for the unidentified witness: we know who you are. Your name is “Debbie Downer” and you’re really killing us here. Why would you want to ruin this man’s good time. He’s out here catching bad guys, criminals, and convicts and you’re out here worrying about where he smooshes.
Why couldn’t you be more like some of the locals who were asked about this story by The Daily News?
” ‘It makes me feel like I’m kind of boring,’ another woman chimed in.”
That is exactly the kind of attitude that people should be having about this guy. Not this whole, “Ahh I’m upset, let me shame this upstanding citizen.” Instead, get out there and find your own fireman/cop/US Marshall.

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