Man Drugged His Girlfriend To Play More Video Games

German Girlfriend Roofie

A man admitted to a German court that he had prematurely drugged his girlfriend so that he could keep playing video games with his friend.

“I only put four or five drops into her tea,” the man told the court in Castrop-Rauxel as he admitted to the crime.

According to the story, his girlfriend had come back from a 10-hour work shift. Rather than keep her awake with the sounds of loud gunfire and xenomorphs screaming in an alien tongue, the thoughtful boyfriend slipped his gf some extra sedatives.

I mean, if he’s already got a girlfriend, what else is he going to use his surplus of roofies for if not putting her to bed?

Apparently the court was less than pleased with his decision and fined the man 500€ for “premeditated bodily harm.”

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