Gemma Chan Sexes Up Sci-Fi Tonight on 'Humans' [PHOTOS]

Gemma Chan debuts tonight on the AMC network’s Humans, and we’re proud to be early users of the awesomely sexy android. In fact, we’ve been big fans of Gemma ever since her days wrapped up in plastic (or vinyl, or something kinky) as a lovely lesbian dominatrix on the UK cable series Secret Diary of a Call Girl.
There was also an episode of the UK anthology show Dates where Gemma played a gal introducing Katie McGrath to the joys of Sapphic sensuality. That show’s coming to The CW as a summer series in a couple of weeks, so get ready to tune in soon.
And you’ll want to tune in tonight for Gemma as a sexy android who shakes up a suburban family on AMC’s latest sci-fi series. You should follow Gemm on Twitter for more breaking news. She’s very busy–and she might make it to the multiplexes with her role in the upcoming Johnny Depp/Amber Heard thriller London Fields.
We also recommend checking out Gemma if you’re ever in an actual London field. She’s one of England’s most respected young stage figures. For now, though, take a look at these shots of Gemma in those earlier roles, plus a few more pics that’ll get you tuning in to Humans even if you don’t like sci-fi. You just have to like hot humans–or reasonable facsimiles…

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