Maryland Delta Chi Fraternity Had Charter Removed From UMD

Maryland’s Delta Chi fraternity had their charter revoked by UMD on Monday.
According to a letter addressed to Delta Chi’s President Jack Canavan, the school’s Student Affairs Vice President Linda Clement accepted the recommendation of UMD’s Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life to kick the fraternity off campus. That same letter referenced “unacceptable patterns of behavior the chapter has exhibited for the past two and a half years,” which is comical considering this is the same fraternity who recently raised $20K+ for one of their alumni who was diagnosed with ALS.
You can see their GoFundMe page here.
Truthfully, there was one incident in Pennsylvania where the chapter damaged $20K worth of property but the fraternity had made self-imposed sanctions and deadlines. Some of these sanctions were completed after the deadline, but they were completed all the same.
According to Pres. Canavan, the Delta Chi borthers had been trying to make a positive change with philanthropy such as Delta Chi Movers, Bowling for Soup and Delta Chi Day all of which “raised quite a lot of money and quite a lot of food to help a lot of people.”
Delta Chi is eligible to return to UMD campus in four years, or when all the undergraduate members have graduated from Maryland.

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