Atlanta Hawks New Neon Jerseys Are Polarizing Fans of the NBA

The Atlanta Hawks unveiled bold, new, neon jerseys last night and the fans of the NBA are pretty divided. Yes you read that right. Neon.
As a Baylor Bears fan I approve, but I can understand why the move has gained a fair share of haters. In no way are these things iconic.
[protected-iframe id=”b40a165629dc86d810dae17abf8a7bea-3508545-22621496″ info=”//” class=”twitter-tweet” width=”640″ height=”170″ ]
[protected-iframe id=”4660557982f07d080b010e6f8e0d90be-3508545-22621496″ info=”//” class=”twitter-tweet” width=”640″ height=”230″ ]
[protected-iframe id=”70e758803cbb9b4b99a7574178db4796-3508545-22621496″ info=”//” class=”twitter-tweet” width=”640″ height=”200″ ]
And easily my favorite tweet from the haters:
[protected-iframe id=”87573e6ceffe8589c3d6d79714597b82-3508545-22621496″ info=”//” class=”twitter-tweet” width=”640″ height=”190″ ]
Of course, none of this is tantamount to the reaction the Los Angeles Clippers got when they rebranded their logo. That was just a bad decision all-around. But I can’t help but feel that the Hawks should have just kept
It’s a bold new strategy for the NBA team that’s looking to keep the forward momentum going from 2014-2015.


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