Mermaid Day Parade 2015: Hottest Babes of the Sea [PHOTOS]

Mermaid Day Parade 2015 took place at Coney Island yesterday, and it’s always a very special day for all of the exhibitionists around New York City. Sadly, those exhibitionists are often 60-year-old bearded men in drag.

The good news is that the Mermaid Day Parade has also become a place for some of NYC’s most artistic beauties to show off their design skills in outfits requiring pasties and body paint. You get a wide range of offbeat gals, too, which makes for a very memorable parade of different kinds of beach babes.

We’ve already looked back at some of the more memorable mermaids of past years, but now let’s celebrate the seaside sirens of 2015. They’ll make you want to join the Navy…

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