WATCH: People Are Going Nuts Over This Lesbian Chobani Ad

People go crazy over lesbians, especially when they decide to chow down on some yogurt next to their sleeping companion. Why? Who knows! But that’s the exact reaction Chobani is getting with their latest ad.
The YouTube comments range from enraged to admiring, and some are just straight-up comically stupid:

“‘wow i just saw this on tv and my kid just asked me why she was lying with her, and at first i thought it was a man but now……thx now i have to explain this to a 4 year old.” 

“I just saw this on TV! This honestly gives me hope for the future. Beautiful and sweet.”

“I love this commercial, it’s a big leap to what looks like the LGBTA+ community. It’s small but big, thanks.”

“Well, I won’t be buying chobani anymore….This is disgusting…I don’t want to see it, and I don’t want it shoved in my kids’ faces either. We were watching tv when this ad came on.  Chobani—what were you thinking?!!!!”

Sometimes you just can’t argue with stupid. What do you think?


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