Drunk Boss Rips Off Employee's Testicle, Is Now Being Sued

A New Jersey man is suing his former boss after he drunkenly ripped out his testicle. And you thought your boss was bad.
In one of the most horrifying stories we’ve heard in a while, Michael Peacock was out at a bar crawl with fellow coworkers in 2012 when their boss Richard Langtry got obliterated – and then aggressive.
According to court papers, Langry “grabbed [Peacock’s] left testicle, squeezed it hard and pulled it down as if to rip it from his groin.” Jesus f*cking Christ, man. Why? Why? Why?
Obviously Langtry was fired, but nothing will get Peacock’s left nut back. After three unsuccessful surgeries, the man had no choice but amputation.
According to Gawker,

At 6’8”, Peacock was the big man in his office, physically speaking. In his suit, he suggests that his much smaller boss effected the traumatic ball-snatch in an effort to “bond with Peacock while simultaneously demonstrating his authority and dominance.”

That whole “bonding” thing didn’t go so well, and neither did the surgery afterward. Peacock lost the testicle after three operations, and he now alleges that he’s suffering chronic pain and sexual issues as a result. He says that although his boss was fired, he still suffered abuse from other coworkers “hazing” him with jokes about his missing testicle.

So basically, his coworkers are real a**holes. Who makes fun of a poor, helpless chap whose ball was yanked off by a drunken troll? People without souls!
Peacock is also suing Iron Mountain – his place of work at the time – for allegedly pushing him out of his job and docking his pay afterwards, along with the three venues that allowed Langry to get so hammered.
We’re hoping he gets enough money to get himself a nice, golden prosthetic. That’ll show those cocky bastards.

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