'Jurassic World' Box Office: Huge Hit, Plot Stolen From Toy Commercial [VIDEO]

Everybody you know went to see Jurassic World this weekend, as the movie went from the best opening Friday of all time to the second-biggest summer opening of all time. That’s with a projected $204 million dollar opening that might still get big enough to displace Avengers: Age of Ultron for the #1 spot. [UPDATE: Jurassic World is now the first movie to ever crack $500 million in worldwide box office in an opening weekend.]
That’s all really good news for Chris Pratt. The movie itself got mediocre reviews, but just about everybody said that Chris Pratt made the thing worth watching. We do not doubt that.
We are outraged, however, that Jurassic World simply ripped off the plot of a 1998 Jurassic Park toy set. See for yourself–and marvel at how Jurassic World works with the added burden of people going to a damn park that’s already gone haywire multiple times. There should’ve been an after-credits scene of Ian Malcolm saying, “People suck.” And there’s some corporate tools from 1996 saying the same thing because they came up with this commercial…
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGkWRbVPnUQ]

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