WATCH: Mike Trout Sends Young Fan Special Gift

Professional athletes are supposed to be heroes to their adoring fans. For Anaheim Angels fan Tucker Vasher, his hero is clearly Mike Trout. Vasher suffers from a brittle bone disease and him and Trout talk via Twitter. Recently, Trout sent Vasher a gift in the mail that the young fan won’t forget with a signed bat and game-worn gloves. Here is a look at how Vasher reacted.

It is gestures like that which will make Trout an even more likable person. He didn’t have to do that but wanted to bring a smile to the face of a fan that can’t get the ballpark as much as he would like to. Vasher is in a special wheelchair as shown in the YouTube video. He can’t exactly go up to Trout at a game and ask for a bat.
As Vasher said, “Thank you, Mike Trout. You’re the best, I love you man.” There are plenty of people that would say the same thing about Trout with how the young superstar has been performing during his career. Hopefully Vasher can actually get to a game one day to see Trout in person. That would be a moment no one would forget.

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