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3 AM On Showtime With Kirill Is Riveting Television


Kirill 3 AM

There are many things about reality television that I despise, but that’s because most reality TV doesn’t show the degenerate stuff that Kirill of gets into. Enter Showtime’s docu-series 3AM.

The premise is simple: find New York City’s wildest characters (Kirill, The Fat Jew, an escort, a drag queen, and filmmaker Va$htie) and watch them own the night.

As douchey as it sounds, anyone who’s ever partied hard in NYC knows that the best things happen around 3 AM. And because the series is on Showtime, literally anything goes (talking breasteses).

If there’s any weakness to the show, it’s the fact that it’s only 30 minutes long–giving each storyline an average of six minutes each. Yes, that moves the show along nicely, but I need to see more Kirill in my life.

Those unfamiliar with party photographer extraordinaire Kirill, go check out (NSFW link) on your mobile phone. Do not go there from your work computer or you will be fired. Essentially he goes to the biggest clubs and takes hot photos of the girl next door drunk with her boobs out. It’s amazingly simple, effective and entertaining.

From what we can tell, next week’s episode is going to feature a lot more Kirill. Apparently he’s taking one of his biggest fans to Atlantic City and getting him absolutely trashed with some hot biddies.

Fun fact: Kirill shot last year’s Miss COED of the Year photo shoot with Lauren Hanley.

Another fun fact: Kirill was pretty much the first person to put Lauren Hanley onto the modeling game.

Last fun fact: No matter what your girlfriend or wife say, if Kirill is going to a party in your neighborhood… go.

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