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Lauren Hanley Miss COED Of The Year 2014 Exclusive Photo Shoot


Lauren Lead

The first pictures of Lauren Hanley‘s sexy and exclusive Miss COED of the Year 2014 shoot photographed by KirillWasHere (NSFW link obviously) are hot out of the oven and we’re eating it up. You’ll soon see why choosing Lauren as Miss COED of the Year was the best decision you’ve made in 2014.

With Lauren being in and out of the news recently, we wanted to show you a side of the Hollywood model that no one’s ever seen before: raw and uncut. Few people are better qualified than Kirill to capture that.

Lauren Hanley Miss COED of the Year sexy photos pizza kirill

All photos copyright: CMG, LLC 2014 | Photographer credit:

In the first set of photos, Lauren’s exhibiting how to eat pizza in the sexiest way possible. Let’s just say that there are “extra toppings.”

Having spent just one week with Florida-born model, we’re confident when we say that everything Lauren does is worth photographing. Funny enough, this pizza set was just a spur-of-the-moment decision Kirill made while we were taking a much needed lunch break.

Lauren Hanley Miss COED 2014-10

The next set comes right in time for Valentine’s Day, so all you guys who don’t have a date yet (or would like to have two) are in perfect shape. We were aiming for an American Beauty-type look with rose petals on the bed, but with Lauren in red lingerie the result was a whole lot hotter.

What you see here in these eleven photos is just the tip of iceberg in terms of what we shot in that Waldorf Astoria suite. So make sure to keep checking back with COED’s Twitter (@COED) account to stay up to date with the next set of Lauren Hanley Miss COED of the Year 2014’s sexy shoot.

You’ll be seeing a lot more of Lauren in 2014 and hearing no complaints from anyone… except maybe your girlfriend when she sees your browser history.

Special thanks to the insane mastermind behind the whole thing, Kirill of If you haven’t heard his name yet, you’re just not partying hard enough.

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Photography by: Kirill Bichutsky ( | Follow Kirill on (Twitter | Facebook )

Hair / Makeup by: Natalia Egorova

All photos copyright: CMG, LLC 2014

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