Couple to Sue Local Chili's Over DNA Test

Chili’s waiters be warned: psycho customers are out there and they will seek a DNA test if you f*ck with their chips and salsa.
Upstate New York couple Ken Yerdon and his wife Julie Aluzzo-Yerdon were enjoying their weekly date night last July when they told their waiter, Gregory Lamica, that their broccoli was undercooked and they still hadn’t received their chips yet. They could instantly tell he was annoyed and bothered him about it, but like the good server that he is, Lamica denied the allegations and opted to spit in their drink instead. Nice!
According to Gawker,

Lamica, however, was lying; he was so offended after being asked to refill the couple’s to-go cups that he spit in them. Unfortunately for the Yerdons, and Ken especially, the spit wasn’t discovered until Ken had already taken two sips. Then the lid popped off. 

“I saw the spit in the cup,” Ken Yerdon said, according to “It wasn’t regular spit either. It was definitely a loogie.”

The couples took a picture of the spit and drove back to the Chili’s, where the managers apologized and gave them coupons and a refund but refused to fire Lamica.

Yummy! Like most mentally unstable/irrationally pissed people, the Yerdons used money like toilet paper for a DNA test to see if the spit found in the drink matched Lamica’s own saliva. Three months later, results revealed what everyone already knew – it did. Lamica was sentenced to a one-year conditional discharge and a $125 fine. However, the punishment was not enough for the weird ass couple with too much time on their hands.
The Yerdons plan to sue the restaurant for “the psychological trauma they endured not knowing whether Yerdon had contracted HIV or hepatitis.” Because that’s exactly how you get HIV.

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