This Chinese Model Has The Longest Legs We've Ever Seen

Chinese model Dong Lei’s legs are the same length as the average seven-year-old in China. We’re not sure if this is absolutely terrifying or f*cking boss, but either way, we’re intrigued.
The 20-year-old model is becoming an Internet celeb after she appeared on the popular television show Supermodel, where judges fawned over her figure and endlessly long legs. But her life wasn’t always glamorous. By 16-years-old Dong (ha… ha… HA… ok, now that that’s out of the way) was already 5’9 and a cause for concern to her parents, who forced her into etiquette classes to help with her posture. Whether or not it helped is still up in the air, but the model does have her parents to blame for her height; Dong’s father is 6ft 1in and her mother is 5ft 7in.
The now 5’11 beauty is from Anhui province, east China, and originally went to school to become a teacher. Upon graduation Lei decided to leave the chalkboards behind and give modeling a shot instead. She entered a Beijing modeling competition and shortly after, was signed to an agent.
Despite clocking in at an impressive 45 inches long, Lei’s legs are not the longest in the world. According to Guinness World Records, former Russian basketball player Svetland Pankratova is still on top with her 51.9 inch limbs.
Wow. That’s nuts. Maybe we should side with absolutely terrifying?

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