Chris Pratt Apologizes for Whatever He Does on ‘Jurassic World’ Press Tour

Chris Pratt Apology Jurassic World h

As he just announced on Twitter, Chris Pratt is about to go on a “global press blitz” for Jurassic World–and he’s come prepared with an apology. Chris seems to know that we live in a world full of people who are desperate to get offended, and he’s already apologizing in style.

That’s a smart move. We really hated to see Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner get a social-media thrashing for very obviously mocking┬ásexist attitudes toward women. Chris Pratt won’t let that happen to him. So check out the official post via Facebook, and be glad that an underrated hottie like Anna Faris has a worthy hubby….

Chris Pratt Apology Jurassic World

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