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November 29, 2013: 56 Pics for Anna Faris’ 37th Birthday


The world was probably expecting just another sexy young actress when Anna Faris came out of nowhere as the star of the hit comedy Scary Movie back in 2000. Instead, Anna Faris was starting out the millennium as the rare sexy babe who could also pull off comedy. Even weirder, Anna was the rare sexy babe who didn’t really work her sexiness for most of her career. Scary Movie was quickly followed by Scary Movie 2, and neither of those films let Anna show off her hot bod as trouble-prone gal Cindy Campbell. Anna didn’t even get to play the title role in 2002’s The Hot Chick. That was Rob Schneider.

Still, we’re looking back at Anna Faris’ career today–that being her birthday of November 29th–with plenty of appreciation for both Anna’s acting ability and general hotness. It’s okay that she’s settled into trying for sitcom stardom with Mom. Her husband Chris Pratt is getting his own shot at movie stardom with the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy.¬†Anna managed a good career, anyway. She showed up with Scarlett Johansson in the critically-acclaimed Lost In Translation, for example–with rumor saying that her ditzy Hollywood starlet was based on Cameron Diaz.

Anna also managed to show off some real talent with some appearances on the last season of Friends, and did great work while playing herself in Entourage. 2008’s The House Bunny was also a real push at making Anna a mix of sex symbol and beloved comedienne. Anna couldn’t manage a hit in recent years, though. She had particularly tough luck winning over the foreign markets–so we guess her quirky sex appeal is just a little too quirky for folks outside America. Check out these fantastic Faris pics, though, and we think you’ll find that Ana remains underrated as a sex bomb…

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