Tanishq Abraham Is An 11 Year Old Who Graduated From College With 3 Degrees

Tanishq Abraham is an 11-year-old boy who just graduated from American River College in Sacramento with 3 Associates Degrees.

Here he is walking with his class.

Keep in mind that although he was home schooled, Tanishq just graduated from High School last year. Forget the fact that he hasn’t even hit puberty yet, HE GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE IN ONE YEAR. WITH THREE DEGREES. How is that even possible?

Am I a hater for thinking that’s not really possible? Because if that makes me a hater, I want to be a hater. Something really fishy is going on here.

The thing is, someone should probably break it to Tanishq’s sister that she’s not going to be nearly as famous as her boy genius brother. Please take a moment and watch the brave girl sing on television.

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