'They Canceled My Favorite Show!' — And Others This Week, Too…

The canceled TV programs of 2015 have been canceled even more than ever–after the usual Friday night purging as the networks get ready to offer their new Fall schedules. Last night’s announcements didn’t have anything as traumatic as Lost Girl getting the axe, but here’s a list of more shows that are officially a thing of the past.
Well, except maybe for The Mindy Project. That one’s popular enough on Hulu that there’s some talk of a third season going direct to the internet. We don’t think the rumors about Constantine or The Following are very believable, though. And let’s give it up to American Crime, Galavant, Mysteries of Laura, and Agent Carter for beating the odds and getting renewed. Other shows might still join this list next week, though…

Allegiance (NBC)

Backstrom (FOX)

Battle Creek (CBS)

Constantine (NBC)

Cristela (ABC)

Forever (ABC)

Hart of Dixie (ABC)

One Big Happy (NBC)

Resurrection (ABC)

Stalker (CBS)

The Mindy Project (FOX)

State of Affairs (NBC)

Weird Loners (Fox)

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