New Movie Trailers: Another 'San Andreas' And More [VIDEOS]

We let ourselves get all excited about the new red-band trailer for the remake/reboot/revamping of National Lampoon’s Vacation–but we kind of let action take a backseat to things like the Mad-Hot Women of Mad Max: Fury Road. Now it’s time to catch up with some other sneak peeks that sneaked out this week…

San Andreas

Yeah, it’s the third trailer for the new disaster movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Alexandra Daddario–but there’s some new imagery here, including that ship about to slam into a parking lot. We haven’t seen that before, right? At least not this summer…


Dean Cain is a cop on the edge who gets himself thrown in prison to avenge the murder of his wife, because the death penalty is always more meaningful when a husband makes it himself. The only flaw with his plan is that the guy he’s trying to kill is The Big Show. We know this is supposed to be a reliable action film, but it’s entering sci-fi territory if Cain kills that guy…

Magic Mike XXL

Hey, did you know that Steven Soderbergh is still handling the cinematography duties on this sequel, even though he’s handing over the directorial reins? Yeah. That’s interesting. Another fun fact: no members of the COED staff were hurt during the making of this movie, because we wouldn’t really have any business even being near the set….

Ricki and the Flash

Finally, here’s the rock ‘n roll movie that we’ve always wanted! Meryl Streep in an acting duel with Rick Springfield, plus a script from Diablo Cody and from the director of Silence of the Lambs. And yet the whole thing looks more like a menopausal Coyote Ugly

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