Texas State Girl Blindfolded, Wearing No Clothes [PHOTOS]

Texas State Girl Photo

Texas State University students on their way to Alkek Library this morning found student Monika Rostvold (@monikaugh) sitting on the steps wearing nothing but a blindfold and some tape covering her nips. A lot of people didn’t know what to expect, so they turned to Twitter for some answers. Because if there’s one thing that Twitter can help with, it’s n00dz and what to do with them.

Soon, students began to learn that (unlike what happened at ASU two years ago) Monika was actually in the midst of a performance art piece and had been recording everyone’s reactions. Inevitably, the police were called.

Then it became a meme.

Texas State Art Project

Texas State Library Art

Monika’s art is actually available for viewing on her IG account and also her website.

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