Little 500: Best Party Photos and Video From Weekend

Indiana University‘s Little 500 is arguably the greatest annual weekend-long college party in the nation. Little 500 weekend centers around a series of serious bike races, but the truth of the matter is that IU students really just use it as an excuse to celebrate the arrival of Spring. [lead image via 10Worthy]
One person was noticeably absent from the festivities, though. It was recently announced that the authorities had found the body of IU student and Gamma Phi Beta sister Hannah Wilson. There was a heartfelt moment of silence as thousands of students and residents celebrated the life of Hannah. Additionally, hundreds of individuals and racers showed up with green and purple stickers, ribbons, and t-shirts to show their support for Hannah and her family.

Friends of Hannah’s claimed that fun-loving student would have wanted Little 500 to continue as scheduled, and that’s what happened. In addition to watching the races at Bill Armstrong stadium, IU celebrants partied at fraternity houses and Kilroy’s on Kirkwood–which is where this gem of a video was shot.
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That’s a lotta Red Bull and vodka.
Now check out some of the best photos from Little 500 from the wild ride of a weekend.

There was no sighting of “A** Man” but there were these other great videos shot this weekend.

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Arrest Made In Death of Indiana University Student Hannah Wilson [VIDEO]
Arrest Made In Death of Indiana University Student Hannah Wilson [VIDEO]
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