WATCH: Jerry Seinfeld Does His First ‘Late Night’ Standup for ‘Late Show’ [VIDEO]

Jerry Seinfeld David Letterman Video

Jerry Seinfeld went retro for David Letterman with his final appearance on The Late Show last night, as he recreated his first standup routine from when he guested with Dave on Late Night back in the ’80s. We guess NBC didn’t own that as intellectual property. Anyway, it’s not like Seinfeld has ever done a lot of cutting-edge political humor, although there are a few fun moments of nostalgia here.

Also, we’re guessing that Seinfeld had an old VHS tape of the routine. He retired all of his old standup several years ago, so it’s not like he’s just been updating his routine with Chipotle references instead of McDonald’s.

Also, it’s cool to see a special performance that wasn’t a music act. We’ve already looked at John Mayer doing “American Pie” at Letterman’s request. Last night was Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires paying tribute to Warren Zevon with a cover of the late Letterman favorite’s “Mutineer.” We’ve added that below, too.

Anyway, Seinfeld was already a top standup when he showed up on the Late Night¬†for the first time. His career got bigger, though. In fact, there was a billion dollars worth of comedy talent on that stage when those two sat down to talk afterwards. We’re not going to worry about Letterman’s retirement…

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