That Dennis Quaid Freakout Came Courtesy of Funny Or Die, Or Did It?

Dennis Quaid

Was Funny or Die behind the Dennis Quaid freakout meltdown video? Because although they’ve claimed responsibility for the viral video, I’m now legitimately confused.

But before we continue, first watch the video below.

OK, so you watched it? Great. Now we can get to the parts I don’t understand.

Everything from this point on is based on the fact that a good bit of me still believes the original video is real. Like, that’s some fantastic acting from Dennis if it’s not. So that got me hypothesizing that there’s a chance Funny Or Die got a phone call from his publicist who was all like “We have Dennis available for a skit for you.” And then they shot this.

Obviously there’s some great material to work with “Dopey the D*ck,” “a bunch of pu**ies staring at me,” etc. The only thing that makes me think this was actually a setup is because Dennis yells “AND THIS F*CKING BABY.” He doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy to cuss out a baby.

So what then? Did Funny or Die then approach Croc Blowdriers with Dennis Quaid in hand and be all like, “Yo we have a great idea for a skit that can get people talking about your product.” And then make money from it? Because that blowdrier is really the hero of the whole sketch.

I don’t know. There’s a lot to take in with all of this. I just don’t trust the internet anymore.

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