Detroit Food Truck In Trouble For "Breadsticks, Battered Like Your Wife" [VIDEO]

Detroit food truck Dago Joe’s is in lukewarm water after someone reported their menu included mozzarella cheese sticks that are “not just breaded, they’re battered, like your wife. With your choice of sauces or ranch dressing.” WXYZ reports:
[protected-iframe id=”13b8b38bc45385f4fcafa9637246242a-3508545-22621496″ info=”” ]
First off, let’s get a grip here. The food truck’s name is “Dago Joe’s.” Dago. That’s a racial slur, short for “Diego”, that’s similar to WOP, guinea, or any other multitude of bad names. Clearly people eating at this food truck know should know what’s up.
And as for Dago Joe’s reaction when he sees the camera, good for him. Who the heck does that lady think she is for asking him the hard questions without buying any food? That’s like people at McDonald’s using the bathroom without buying a Big Mac or McFlurry.

Hopefully this scandal doesn’t cause Joe to lose much sleep. Dude’s crows feet make him look like he’s been on a weeklong bender.

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