7 Reasons Why Beer is Good For You

Whoever said beer was bad for you had no idea what they were talking about, and we’re here to prove it. At this point, we might as well be doctors!
To celebrate National Beer Day, we’re delivering you seven reasons that prove why beer is actually good for you to drink. Check out the list below and celebrate your perfect health with a few keg stands.

Lowered Risk of Kidney Stones
If you never want to feel the pain that is a tiny rock passing through your pee hole, you need to start chugging some Budweiser. According to a study from the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, men who reported drinking a moderate amount of beer reduced their risk of developing those horrendous stones by 41 percent. Those that drank soda, however, increased their risk by 23 percent. So for future reference – always opt for alcohol when going anywhere.
It Keeps Women Hotter Longer
This may be the biggest plus on the list – we’ve been scouring the Internet for ways to preserve Charlotte McKinney, Kate Upton, and Nina Agdal‘s perfect physiques forever, and alas, we finally found the answer! The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that women who drink beer decreased their chances of getting osteoporosis and hip fractures, and increased their bone density. That means that body will be a’staying. There’s definitely a God.
It’s Good for the Heart
According to a study performed at Italy’s Fondazione di Ricerca e Cura, drinking beer in moderation (a little more than a pint a day), makes you 31 percent less likely to suffer from heart attacks, strokes or heart disease, than those who opt out of your weekly pub gatherings. Suckers!
Beer Gives You Better Skin
If you’ve ever had the dream of basking in a beer bath, you’re doing something right (and kind of weird, but we’ll refrain from judging). Beer spas are a thing in Europe, and dark lager is apparently good for the money maker, specifically to fight acne. It’s also a good source of B vitamins, protein, selenium, potassium, iron, zinc, and magnesium, all of which will make your face more attractive. It’s science – don’t question it.

You’ll Probably Live Longer
And not just because you’re more sane than the dummy not pounding brews after getting home from work. According to a study conducted at Tel Aviv University, drinking beer has been proven to lengthen your telomeres (the caps of your DNA). When telomeres get too short, the cell dies, thus shortening your lifespan. If your telomeres are lengthened, you’re more likely to live a longer life. So drink up!
It’s Safer Than Drinking Water… in Mexico
When visiting a country where you’re advised not to drink the water, local beer is your best bet for quenching your thirst. When made, beer is boiled and kept clean right through the bottle sealing process. If it isn’t, it obviously goes bad and makes it impossible to sell. However, even in the worst case scenario that it does go bad, no life-threatening bacteria (pathogens) will be able to live inside. Sadly the same can’t be said about water (so definitely stay away from those margaritas while you’re down there).
It Helps Fight Cancer
Hops contain xanthohumol, a potent antioxidant that hinders cancer-causing enzymes, which is pretty awesome. If you don’t think it’s that big of a deal, take a page from the Germans – they believe the antioxidant to be so important, that they brewed a beer with extra levels in it. Score.