RECESS Pitch Competition Encourages Student Entrepreneurs 'Shark Tank' Style

RECESS, a traveling college music and ideas festival, is making an impact on campuses this spring. The first of its kind, RECESS encourages student entrepreneurs while awarding their creativity and participation with a massive rager at the end of the day. Sounds like a pretty awesome festival to us.
This year The Chainsmokers (but first, let me take a selfie) are heading up the show while Mark Cuban’s College Pitch Competition will showcase all innovative student-run businesses from across the country. Finalists will take a trip to Venice, California for a weekend of networking events, excursions, and to interact prominent investors, mentors, and advisors from the startup community. If you have an awesome pitch, sign up here – you’ve got nothing to lose.
For more, check out last year’s experience, headlined by Diplo, below.

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Penn State Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity: Suspension Details
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