Penn State Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity: Suspension Details

The future of Greek Life at Penn State University isn’t looking so good right now. Just a couple of weeks after Kappa Delta Rho was suspended for uploading nude photos onto a secret Facebook account, the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity has been suspended by the IFC and Pi Kappa Phi Nationals after being charged with “hazing, alcohol violations, disorderly conduct, providing false information, hosting unregistered social functions, and violating the terms of suspension during the investigation.”

You can read the whole story here, but apparently Pi Kappa Phi started getting into deep doodoo when an anonymous letter was received, alleging a host of school violations.
The suspension will last for at least three years and no members will be able to live in the house until April 2018. Even worse, members of the fraternity now will not be allowed to have any relationship with the fraternity when it reopens.
It remains seen as to what will happen to the fraternity house itself.

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