HTC M9: Top 5 Best Cases To Protect Your Cell Phone

Looking to protect your HTC M9 with a case? We don’t blame you, it’s a gorgeous cell phone that you don’t want to ruin. Even with the Uh Oh protection, you don’t want to risk it.
That’s why we’ve found the five best cases to protect your HTM M9 to keep it looking brand new.

Spigen – Ultra Hybrid (Crystal Clear)

Our favorite case is one that doesn’t actually look like a case but still protects your phone. That’s why we love the crystal clear Spigen Ultra Hybrid–people won’t even notice that you’re rocking a case.

Price: $24.99 ($12.99 with Prime)

Buy a Spigen Ultra Hybrid Crystal Clear Case

Spigen – Neo Hybrid Series (Champagne Gold)

If you’re looking to draw some looks from your friends, you might want to check out the Champagne Gold case from Spigen. It features a rubberized grip on the back, in addition to dual protection on the bumpers to keep your phone in one piece.

Price: $34.99 ($19.99 with Prime)

Buy Spigen Neo Hybrid Series

Kayscase – Slim Hard Shell Cover Case

If you’re into the minimalistic case look, the Kayscase might be for you. It completely surrounds the sides and back of your M9 in clear polycarbonate, protecting it from scratches and light drops. Along with the Spigen Ultra Hybrid, this is our favorite.

Buy the Kayscase Slim Hard Shell Cover Case

Poetic – Affinity Series

The Affinity Series case is definitely one of the more rugged cases you can buy for the M9. While we’re not the biggest fans of how it looks, you can’t deny the protection it offers with the seriously sturdy corners and polycarbonate back.

Price: $19.95 ($12.95 with Prime)

Buy the Poetic Affinity Series M9 case 

AceAbove Premium Wallet Case

While the AceAbove wallet case is certainly different than the four other cases we’ve featured, it’s certainly the most professional we’ve seen. It probably won’t fit in your wallet, but if you throw this in your blazer or briefcase you’re looking gold.

Price: $39.90

Buy the AceAbove Premium Wallet Case

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