DuClaw Brewing's Sweet Baby Jesus Is What's On Tap

Happy Easter weekend! Regardless of denomination or belief it is guaranteed that you will have to spend some time small-talking with some uncle who you have not seen in 4 years. And if you find yourself forced into this situation you might as well have a decent craft beer in your hand. This weekend I am drinking a brew that is as flavorful as its name is appropriate for Easter; this weekend, DuClaw’s Sweet Baby Jesus is What’s on Tap!

Yes, Easter offers the perfect chance to become nostalgic, wearing a dumb pastel color church outfit, running around looking for Easter eggs, and getting all hopped up on sugar; so why not drink a brew that offers all of that candy and sugary goodness but in the form of a great brew? Sweet Baby Jesus is a chocolate peanut butter porter! Yup, a chocolate AND peanut brew.

It is easy if you have not tried a similar beer to have some trepidations but fear not! Sweet Baby Jesus is brew that is full of flavor yet is surprisingly smooth and light on the mouthfeel. With each sip you get the peanut butter and chocolate which is balanced with a slight hoppy presence and finishes with roasted and toasted malts. What I like most about the brew is the sweet and toasty flavor combination that pairs perfectly.

My recommendation is to pick-up a six-pack of Sweet Baby Jesus and pass them around the dinner table. The brew will pair perfectly with whatever you are having – ham, pork, game, or any other type of meat – and also is the perfect after dinner brew. So cheers to a long weekend, family gatherings, and flavorful brews.


Beer Stats

Style: Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 6.2%
Color: Black
Plato: 16
IBU: 33
Yeast: Ale
Hops: Fuggle and Goldings
Malts: Pale, Chocolate, Crystal, Munich, Brown

Beer Review Stats

Beer Advocate: 85 and 70
Rate Beer: 93

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