12 Fast Food Items You Wish Still Existed

With Burger King bringing back their Chicken Fries and Starbucks unveiling their Birthday Cake Frappuccino for only 5 days, I needed to find out what other fantastic foods have been sent to the graveyard (and what has been resurrected). Warning: It’s tragic.


1. McRib
By now, most of you know that this sloppy BBQ delight is off the market. (At least for now). Introduced in 1982, this sandwich has been making a recurring comeback every few years but was last seen in 2012. Fortunately, if you do see it back on the McDonald’s menu, you can let the world know. Thanks to the McRib locator, we will hopefully have our hands on one of these again in the near future.
McDonald's McRib
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2. Shamrock Shake
This seasonal treat wasn’t introduced nationally until 2012 (why it took over 40 years I have no idea), but it began an American obsession that was taken from us all too soon. Before you burst into tears, there too, is a website dedicated to seeking out this minty shake. It may be the same amount of calories as 1.5 Big Macs, 2.5 Hot Fudge Sundaes, or 3 Egg McMuffins, but hey, life is short.
Photo courtesy of @ShamrockShake
3. Fried Apple Pie
I think we can all agree that anything deep-fried is delicious. You could fry road-kill and it would be amazing. (Okay, maybe not). But in 1992, the Golden Arches traded their deep-fried apple pies with a baked version and everyone in America internally cried- and some may have actually shed a few tears.
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4. McDonald’s Pizza (McPizza)
Ah yes, McDonald’s- the fine Italian establishment. LOL. In the 1980’s, the company introduced the McPizza as well as lasagna and spaghetti to their menu. They probably realized it was super confusing to the customers who were coming in for a burger, and also the long wait time to make the pies wasn’t too enticing either. Needless to say, McDonald’s ditched the Italian food.
Photo courtesy of Bring Back McDonald’s Pizza
5. McSalad Shakers
These bad boys were created in 2000 for the busiest of people who apparently couldn’t eat out of a regular bowl and needed a Frappuccino-like cup for their salads instead. I guess their wasn’t a big niche market for that because a few years later, they were never to be seen again.
Photo courtesy of Bring Back the McDonald’s Salad Shaker

Pizza Hut

6. Bigfoot Pizza
This massive pizza was two square feet with 21 slices for only 11 bucks. In 1993, that was considered shocking. Today it would be considered one person’s lunch.
Photo courtesy of YouTube

Long John Silver’s

7. Peg Leg
Back in the day, Long John Silver’s called drumsticks “peg legs,” and they were served over a bed of “crunchy stuff.” Whatever that means, it sounds delicious. They have since traded these peg legs for chicken planks, but sadly did away with the crunchy bits all together.
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8. Double Down Sandwich
There is no bread on this deliciously cheesy sandwich. It’s actually two pieces of chicken stuffed with all things ooey and gooey (aka cheese and bacon). That being said, it’s low carb. So it must have been healthy right?
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Burger King

9. Cheesy Tots
It’s like a hush puppy but with cheese. And everyone knows that everything is better with cheese. (That ketchup in the background is probably not even necessary).
Photo courtesy of @BurgerKing
10. Angry Whopper
I don’t think this Whopper made anyone angry…until they took it away from us.
Photo courtesy of Angry Whopper
11. Burger Basket
FYI: This is not new, as the picture states. (If you couldn’t tell from this exceptional photo quality). I wish it was. Sadly, the BK Burger Basket was new in 1992, but it didn’t last long. The burger chain tried to be fancy for a time and failed. That’s right, fancy. The baskets’ entrees had staples like the infamous Whopper, as well as newer additions like fried clams and meatloaf. Customers also got two sides and were offered free popcorn while they waited for their waiter or waitress to arrive at their table. Less than a year later, though, I think they realized they are not Ruth’s Chris.
Photo courtesy of YouTube

Taco Bell

12. Spicy Chicken Burrito
Shredded chicken, creamy jalapeño sauce, any overall spicy goodness? I’m disappointed in America for never letting this burrito catch on. I guess Sriracha has since taken over everything.
Photo courtesy of Taco Bell Should Bring Back the Spicy Chicken Burrito
Why must fast-food places torture us like this?
Bringing these twenty items back permanently to our favorite chain restaurant menus will make us as happy as Kourtney Kardashian‘s boo, Scott Discik, who posted a picture of Burger King’s Chicken Fries in his Louis Vuitton bag last week. *Insert eye roll.*
He captioned the photo, “Now that @BurgerKing #chickenfriesareback, I’m taking them with me wherever I go #chickenfries.”
Amen, Scott. Amen.


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