9 Worst Things You Never Want To Hear Your Girlfriend Say



You love your girlfriend. We get it–she’s cute, she’s hot, and together you make the best couple you know. But no matter how much you adore wifey, the fact of the matter is that there are a few different phrases and sentences that dudes around the world do not want to hear come from her mouth. [speech bubble girl via ShutterStock]

We compiled that very short, very simple list for you here, along with the appropriate reactions we can imagine would follow:


1. “I’m pregnant!”


2. “We’re having a baby!”

3. “You’re going to be a father.”


4. “I am with child.”

5. “You’re going to be a daddy!”


6. “It’s a boy! (Truthfully, this is best option)”


7. “It’s a girl! (The worst option)”


8. “I’m expecting!”


9. “I’m keeping it.”

Director of Sales and Marketing
Director of Sales and Marketing
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