The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: 2016 Calendar Cancun [PHOTOS]

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Cancun Calendar Shoot Photos

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are off to Cancun for their annual calendar shoot–which is pretty cool, considering that the Jacksonville Jaguars have been busy this weekend auditioning hot new gals. It seems the Dallas cheerleaders have a different timetable. That includes eventually making it to some Mayan ruins, although the initial shots from their Instagram sure have the ladies enjoying the beach.

Also, we’re very happy to report that the Dallas cheerleaders warmed up for the shoot by faking some bikini shots against a backdrop, so we already have those plentiful pics to get us motivated. We’ll keep looking for more shots from the actual calendar shoot, but you’ll be very happy with this mix of the real Cancun and the real beauties faking it for the cameras…

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