Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders Auditions Looked Like This [PHOTOS]

Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders Tryouts 2015 Must-See Photos

It was a busy day for the Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders, as they stayed busy auditioning–well, a lot of potential beauties to join their already enchanting roster. We know there was a lot because the Jaguars Cheerleaders’ Instagram account announced that they narrowed the contestants down to 58 beauties. Yeah, our brains would’ve exploded, too.

Anyway, we pay close attention to the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the cheerleaders, too–so we’re ready to catch up with how things went today. You’ll see that Jacksonville put on a dazzling display of locals, and we’re pretty sure that a few ladies came in from out of town to be part of such a stellar ensemble. Take a look, and also enjoy some videos on that Instagram page

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