WATCH: Solar Eclipse 2015 Makes Even Smart Scientists Flip Out [VIDEO]

Solar Eclipse 2015 Video

The big Solar Eclipse of 2015 happened yesterday, with England supposedly getting a good look at the thing. The weather didn’t cooperate, though. Most local media reports would’ve been really honest with this headline…

Simpsons Old Man Yells at Cloud

Yeah, a lot of people in London did not get the celestial spectacle that they were expecting. That’s why decent video of the event has been hard to find. We’ve mostly just seen funny pics of people watching the eclipse while wearing those very important glasses for eye protection.

But now the BBC has come through with some really amazing footage that’ll help you understand why ancient civilizations flipped out over this kind of thing. They also went blind because they didn’t have the very special glasses. Video is a lot safer–so check it out, with narration from Professor Brian Cox, Dara O’Briain and Liz Bonnin. They don’t really flip out, but we wouldn’t blame them if they did. But they seem pretty smart…

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