WATCH: The Alabama Shakes Save 'Saturday Night Live' [VIDEO]

The Alabama Shakes were easily the best thing on Saturday Night Live this weekend. They were probably the best thing about this frigid East Coast weekend, in general–and we finally have legit video of the band showcasing two new songs from the upcoming Sound & Color.
It’s all very exciting, too–especially for longtime fans who were a little baffled to see the Shakes getting a little too simple with their debut with Boys & Girls. The record shot them to stardom pretty quickly, but Boys & Girls sounded more like a band playing the simplest songs by The Alabama Shakes. It was a smart move, though. The debut could’ve just as easily sounded like Steely Dan, but the simpler and soulful rootsy songs sure got people excited.
We weren’t as happy to see frontwoman Brittany Howard pandering to the hipster crowds by striking a calculated backwoods pose. We still aren’t going to argue with success. Especially now that the Shakes are ready to show off all of their strengths–as you’ll see with this first video of the band doing “Don’t Wanna Fight.” You’ll have to sit through a commercial first, but that’s not nearly as painful as sitting through Saturday Night Live to see the Alabama Shakes…

[protected-iframe id=”f83bd2013786d78e7ac6f77e5f34a29b-3508545-34451079″ info=”//″ width=”480″ height=”270″ frameborder=”0″]

And here’s “Gimme All Your Love,” which indicates the Alabama Shakes will always be able to fit into the jam scene if things don’t work out for them as soulful pop wizards…

[protected-iframe id=”655475b634c2761474be782618c864e3-3508545-34451079″ info=”//″ width=”480″ height=”270″ frameborder=”0″]
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