California Creepin': 28 Creeps You Don't Want to See at The Beach [PHOTOS]

Spring Break is finally upon us, and while us New Yorkers are still dusting off the snow, the lucky ones are hanging by the beach and slinging back brews.
We could go on for days about how great it is – we won’t, cause some of us have to work! – but we will say that there is one guaranteed downside: the creeps that tag along. You know the ones – those guys lurking around the bikini-clad sun worshippers waiting to approach and get their warranted “leave us alone” speech. Yikes.
Check out these photos to see what we mean. And it goes without saying – don’t be that guy, or get ready to be called out.

Jen Selter's Mom Has Got it Going On [PHOTOS]
Jen Selter's Mom Has Got it Going On [PHOTOS]
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