WATCH: End Valentine's Day By Shredding Your Ex's Picture Via Live Stream [VIDEO]

All alone as the sun sets on this Valentine’s Day? Well, there’s a way to bond with your fellow denizens of the internet, via The ShredEx Machine. Follow that link to enjoy the sight of people sending away pics of their exes (or maybe just bad lovers who bungled Valentine’s Day) to get shredded–with the remains of the photos supposedly going to provide bedding for kittens.
We can’t guarantee that last part. Also, you might see a few weird images getting shredded that aren’t really ex-boyfriends or girlfriends. At this point, people are getting drunk and sending in all kinds of weird random images.
Wait, we just checked. Somebody just sent in a pic of a gal who looked pretty cold-blooded. It seems that there are going to be enough bitter people keeping this video feed going through the night. Watch it here, or start contributing your own bitter pics. We’ve certainly spent Valentine’s Day in worst ways…
[ustream id=19855198 live=1 hwaccel=1 version=3 width=480 height=302]
And here’s a GIF, in case something goes wrong. We think the ShredEx might jam sometime soon. The thing is sure to see a lot more action as it gets late, and people start seeing a lot less action…

Craig Hicks, UNC Chapel Hill Shooter: Details & Photos
Craig Hicks, UNC Chapel Hill Shooter: Details & Photos
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