Patriots Party At Harvard Finals Club, Break Girls Arm [PHOTOS]

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A group of players from the New England Patriots (including Julian Edelman, Michael Buchanan, Kyle Arrington, Danny Amendola) went to Harvard social club Phoenix SK to keep the Super BowlYo Soy Fiesta” going. From everything we’re reading and hearing about it, this looked like an incredible affair.
According to a Brobible tipster here’s how it all happened:

“Last night a bunch of Patriots players came to the [redacted Final Club] at Harvard. Some guy in the club knows some sports agent or his dad is some agent and every once in a while some athletes come by (…a few Bruins were there last weekend). Anyway, some people told me that the Patriots were coming by to party the night after their parade. Texted this girl I’m railing at BU, and she said every girl at her school was talking about it. Anyway, sometime around 2[AM] some Pats showed up. Saw photo evidence of Edelman and my friends in the club said Revis and Amendola showed up later.”

Normally we wouldn’t identify the social club, but the fact of the matter is that a bunch of the girls who attended started posting photos along with the name.

Most of the photos we’ve seen are people dancing up on Julian Edelman, but the best story of all actually involves Danny Amendola who arrived late.

According to that same tipster, one of said female BU students challenged Danny to an arm wrestling contest. It did not go very well. He broke her arm. Hilarious.

We’ll update this story as more debauchery comes to light, but we have to give a tip of the cap to the SK Phoenix guys–they handled the situation perfectly. A strict guest list, invite ladies of other schools to come by, and keep photos and pictures to a minimum. Had we known this kind of thing happened at Harvard we might not have ranked them as low as #7 on our Ivy League Party Schools list.

All that’s missing is some chick posting a photo of her sleeping with a passed out Edelman.

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