Arizona Man Rents out Tesla Model S on Airbnb for $85 a Night

Ever wanted to experience the joys of sleeping in a cramped car for more than two hours? Look no further, your dreams are about to come true. Phoenix resident Steve Sasman is renting out his $115,000 Tesla Model S on Airbnb for $85-a-night, dubbing it the “world’s first Tesla hotel.” Amenities include full use of Sasman’s bathroom and kitchen, chauffeur service to the airport (if he’s is up for it), and two remote controlled candles to set the mood. Because women love boning in the back of car hotels, especially when there’s fake candles involved.

Tesla Hotel Airbnb
Visitors can also expect a twin-sized blow-up mattress, an endless supply of A/C and heat, and a prompt 8am wakeup call since dude’s still gotta use the car to get to work in the morning. While the business idea may sound ludicrous when first described, it’s not the worst option in the world for someone on a budget with zero standards. Plus it’ll probably be the only time you sit inside of a Tesla Model S/$115,000 car. Go wild, people.

Tesla Airbnb Bed

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