A$AP Yams, RIP: A$AP Mob Founder Dead at 26 [VIDEO]


A$AP Yams RIP Obituary Tribute Video

A$AP Yams, aka Yamborghini, has passed away at the age of 26–leaving behind a legacy as the mastermind who launched the A$AP Mob into stardom. Yams built a  Harlem hip-hop dynasty that might have gone on to rival Wu-Tang. We say “might” because now it’s hard to imagine talents like A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ant and the rest of A$AP Worldwide able to land their impressive recording contracts without a Jedi like A$AP Yams around to do his mind tricks.   [photo via…]

A$AP Yams started his art mob back in 2007, which wasn’t exactly a great time to try to get rich in the record biz. By 2011, though,A$AP Rocky had a record deal with Sony for $3 million. That was plenty of seed money for Yams to get the whole A$AP empire going. Rocky’s been the biggest A$AP name going, and it was kind of weird when Yam announced that the long-awaited A$AP Mob debut of L.O.R.D. had been scuttled.

We’re thinking L.O.R.D. might get revisited now. As for the cause of death–well, A$AP Ant has already officially denied that drugs are at fault, although A$AP Yams sure didn’t build a fortune based on sobriety. The young mogul had put himself through some recent rehab, but we won’t speculate. Instead, here’s a quick look at the hard-partying A$AP Yam doing his thing. No telling where this could have all gone…

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