WATCH: Idiot Who Can't Figure Out Why Her Gas Tank Keeps Moving [VIDEO]

You’ll want to choose your own soundtrack as you watch this moron struggle to figure out why the gas tank keeps moving on her car. We’ve tried it out with The Ramones and some vintage Benny Hill-style “Yakety Sax,” but you might have better ideas. And that’s really about all we can say about this video, because we have to treat this woman like she’s a real idiot.
See, the alternative is to say that we can relate to her confusion, and we’re pretty sure that’d count as confessing to driving while drunk. Or driving while addled in some other way. Or just being an idiot. We want to avoid all that. So have a good laugh at someone else’s expense, and let’s all pretend┬áhope that we’ve never been behind the wheel while being so dopey…

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