Seattle Seahawk’s Marshawn Lynch Fined $11,500 for TD Crotch Grab [VIDEO]

Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch crotch grab fine

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has been fined $11,500 by the NFL for grabbing his crotch while spinning around and landing a touchdown during this past Sunday’s win over Arizona. To be fair, that was a pretty impressive show of coordination.[photo: Christian Petersen/Getty]

The NFL still fined Marshawn for unsportsmanlike conduct. Especially because he wasn’t even looking in the direction of the Seattle Seahawks Cheerleaders–not that the local authorities really accept that as an excuse for grabbing your crotch in the stadium, either. Or so we’ve been told.

Anyway, we felt kind of bad when Marshawn was fined for refusing to talk to the media. We wouldn’t want to talk to us, either. This action was clearly wrong, though, and we bet Marshawn feels really bad about it. Also, we’re not sure what the extra $500 is about in that fine. Maybe it’s a royalty to Madonna….

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