Aaron Rodgers Buys His Linemen TVs, Tablets, Headphones For Christmas

aaron rodgers christmas gift, green bay packers

When Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers goes out to buy Christmas present for his offensive linemen, he goes all out. On Christmas Eve, the team’s linemen who included the reserves and players on the practice squad all found 55-inch Samsung smart TVs, tablets and Beats headphones in their lockers from Rodgers. It was quite the gift to say the least. Lineman Lane Taylor tweeted out the photo above.

Rodgers obviously knows how to take care of the guys who are taking care of him on the field. It is impressive for him to go out though and spend thousands of dollars on each of the linemen so that they knew that they were well-appreciated for their work all season long. The best part is that the practice squad linemen even got the gifts. They may not be on the field with Rodgers but are still a big part of the team.

If the Packers end up going to the Super Bowl now and winning their second title with Rodgers under center, who knows what the next group of gifts will be. Rodgers may have to spend up his game and go out for vehicles for each of the linemen. It is a very expensive time for Rodgers but he knows it is well worth it if it means getting another ring.

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