Bowdoin College To Waive Tuition For Son Of Executed NYPD Officer

This weekend the NYPD lost two officers, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, when gunman Ismaaiyl Brinsley snuck up on them and executed them in broad daylight in the streets of Brooklyn. It’s awful.
But Bowdoin College, the school that one of Rafael’s sons attends, just stepped up to the plate and helped the Ramos family with one of the many burdens they’ll face in the future by waiving tuition for Justin Ramos. This news follows the offer of George Steinbrenner’s charity, The Silver Shield Foundation, to pay for all of the Ramos’ schooling.
Here’s their official statement:

“We are eager to welcome Justin back to campus for the start of our second semester in January, or whenever he is ready to return, and we will do everything we can to support him through this period. In the meantime, we will respect his privacy and that of his family as they deal with this terrible loss.

At President Mills’s direction, Dean of Student Affairs Tim Foster informed Justin early Sunday morning that the College will provide full financial aid to enable him to complete his Bowdoin education.

This is in keeping with Bowdoin’s practice of meeting the full financial need of each of our students for all four years. We are grateful for the Yankee Silver Shield Foundation’s offer to assist, but Bowdoin has it covered.”

Nice one Bowdoin.

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